• Some issues that should be paid attention to during the secondary reflow soldering of SMT patch processing

    In fact, in the early SMT production line, the glue dispenser is an indispensable equipment, because the SMD parts that have been glued can be wave soldered, but most of the SMT lines now have almost no such equipment. If you don’t have a dispenser, you have to manually dispense glue. I don’t rec...
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  • What should I pay attention to before using the placement machine

    Many times, for the convenience of using electrical appliances, we do not follow the instructions. This will not only cause damage to the electrical appliances, but also reduce its life span. This is also the case when we use the placement machine. We must follow the instructions The required inf...
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  • How to solve the problem of patch welding porosity in smt patch processing

    In the patch processing of smt patch processing, there is a phenomenon of poor processing called welding pores, which is what we often call bubbles. Welding porosity refers to the holes formed in the welding seam before the gas in the welding pool escapes and stays in the weld. Gas source The gas...
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  • What is the main content of the smt placement machine process?

    SMT is the surface mount technology (Surface Mounted Technology) (abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), which is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. SMT main content and basic process components Solder Paste Printing –> Parts Mou...
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  • Why does the placement machine need to be maintained?

    Why do major maintenance: For any piece of equipment, its technological innovation status will gradually deteriorate with the increase in service life, and the cooperation of various parts will inevitably produce varying degrees of wear and looseness. Incomplete replacement of lubricating oil ins...
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  • You need to know the maintenance rules of Siemens placement machine!

    Do a good job in the maintenance of the SMT placement machine to ensure the normal operation of the placement machine, prolong the service life of the placement machine, and improve production efficiency 1. Daily maintenance of Siemens placement machine 1. Clean the waste belt in the trash bin at...
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  • Causes and countermeasures of throwing materials on SMT placement machine

    During the operation of the SMT placement machine, people often encounter the problem of throwing. The so-called throwing refers to the throwing of the material into the throwing box or other places instead of sticking after sucking the material during the production process. , Or perform one of ...
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  • Analysis of the Red Glue Dropping Problem in the SMT Patch Processing

    Analysis of the Red Glue Dropping Problem in the SMT Patch Processing

    1. The amount of glue is not enough. Under the same conditions, the amount of glue for sticking IC is more than that for sticking components. The first solution is to increase the glue point of a single IC, which requires changing the stencil opening or adjusting the dispensing procedure; secondl...
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  • Some problems in the actual use of preformed tin flakes in smt

    Some problems in the actual use of preformed tin flakes in smt

    1. Is there a requirement for the minimum clearance between the solder preforms and the connected solder pads? How much distance should be kept between the position of the solder preform and the adjacent pads that do not require soldering so that there is no overflow of tin or short-circuit with ...
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  • The reason why smt placement machine pastes wrong materials

    The reason why smt placement machine pastes wrong materials

    1. Clean the work platform frequently (once per shift, some missing CHIP components should be cleaned up in time). 2. Fill lubricating oil on time, and check the moving parts for lack of lubricating oil. 3. Check the grounding status of the machine weekly to ensure normal power supply. 4. Check t...
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  • Talking about some electromechanical parts in smt placement machine

    Talking about some electromechanical parts in smt placement machine

    1. Filter The filter filters the compressed air used in smt patch proofing or processing to ensure the cleanness of the cavitation gas. If the filter is dirty and the filtering effect is not good, it will affect the suction of the nozzle and directly affect the patch effect. In equipment maintena...
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  • What equipment does a SEM production line need?

    LED SMD lamp is made of FPC circuit board, LED lamp and high-quality silicone sleeve tube. Waterproof performance, safe and convenient use of low-voltage DC power supply, diverse luminous colors and bright colors; Outdoor use has the advantages of UV aging resistance, yellowing resistance and hig...
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