Wholesale Samsung CP45 pistolet CN140 J9055256A faktori ak founisè | Dafton

Samsung CP45 pistolet CN140 J9055256A

Kout Deskripsyon:

Pati Non: Samsung SMT Buses

Pati non: J9055256A

Modèl: CN140

Spesifikasyon: 2.2 / 1.4

pwodwi Detay


pwodwi baj

PROV oduct Detay:

Non pati

Samsung SMT Buses


Original nouvo, Kopi Nouvo

Pati NO


Ki gen konpòtman egzanplè



2.2 / 1.4

aplikab  Machin


Tan Plon

2-5 jou travay


Shenzhen, Lachin


SAMSUNG CP45 neo CP63 pistolet CN140 ASSY J9055159C

SAMSUNG CP45 neo CP63 pistolet CN400 ASSY J9055141C 

SAMSUNG CP45 neo CP63 pistolet CN220 ASSY J9055139C 

SAMSUNG CP45 neo CP63 pistolet CN065 ASSY J9055136C

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN400N ASSY J9055218A

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN110 ASSY J9055143B

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN220 ASSY J9055139B

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN030 ASSY J9055133B

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN140 ASSY J9055159B

SAMSUNG CP45 neo Buses CN065 ASSY J9055136B

SAMSUNG CP45 CP60HP CP63 pistolet TN02S ASSY J9055153B


SAMSUNG RX-11 HAMMER Solenoid Z2486001 J7000434 

SAMSUNG RX-11 CAP 1204 276D8160C RX-11 J7000259 

SAMSUNG RX-11 CAP 3020 276D8130 RX-11 J7000258 

SAMSUNG RX-11 CAP 1608K 276D8120 RX-11 J7000257 

SAMSUNG RX-11 DU (ak roulo) 265-G-0700 J7000246 

SAMSUNG RX-11 DU (ak roulo) 265-G-0132 J7000245 

SAMSUNG RX-11 PLAIN WASHER 601-30-027 J7000075 

SAMSUNG RX-11 TAPE HOLDER 350-B-0240 J7000073 

SAMSUNG RX-11 BOBINE PIN (8mm) 350-A-8700 J7000070 

SAMSUNG RX-11 SPRING 350-B-0520 J7000066 

SAMSUNG RX-11 CUTTER 265-K-3151 J7000060

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  • ◆ Payment Terms

    1) Full payment before shipment — Standard terms.

    2) Other terms — To be negotiated.

    ◆ Payment Methods

    1) By T/T – Standard method.

    2) By PayPal – For small order.

    3) Other methods — To be negotiated.

    ◆ Delivery Time

    1) 3-5 working days — By international express .

    2) 3-7 working days — By air.

    3) 25-30 days — By ocean.

    ◆ Packing

    1) Small parts – Be packed by foam and carton.

    2) Big parts and machine — Be packed by foam,carton and wooden case.

    ◆ Lead Time

    1) 2-5 working days — For common parts and machines.

    2) 5 days-2 months — For customized parts, such as special nozzle.

    ◆ Transportation methods

    1) By international express – Standard method, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.

    2) By air — Can be considered when the weight is more than 20kg.

    3) By ocean — Can be considered when purchasing SMT Machine, Peripheral Equipment or a large number of SMT Parts.

    ◆ Warranty

    1) New Parts — Without warranty, 1 month, 2 months and 2 years, depending on what part it is.

    2) Used Parts — 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, depending on what part it is.

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