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Samsung N045 CP40 Дюза

Кратко описание:

Част Име: SMT Samsung Дюза

Модел: N045

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Име на част

Samsung SMT Дюза


Оригинален нов, Копиране New



Приложимо  Машинни



2-5 работни дни


Шенжен, Китай


SAMSUNG CP40 СР50 Дюза Aligner J7256001E 

SAMSUNG CP40 СР50 дюза (DA) 0140-622007-2M J2101944

CP40 СР50 дюза (СА) N75 0140-622006-2M J2101943 

CP40 СР50 Дюза (BA) N40 0140-622005-2M J2101942

CP40 СР50 Дюза (АА) N24 0140-622004-2M J2101941

CP40 СР50 дюза (XI) N14 0140-622003-2M ​​J2101940 

CP40 СР50 дюза (XH) N08 0140-622002-2M J2101939

CP40 СР50 дюза (XG) N045 0140-622001-2M J2101938


SAMSUNG SM320 серво мотор MSMA102P1C01 J3108064A 

SAMSUNG SM320 серво мотор MSMA082P1A01 J3108063A 

SAMSUNG SM320 серво мотор MSMA012P1A01 J3108062A 

SAMSUNG SM320 серво мотор MSMA5AZP1A01 J3108061A 

SM320 серводвигател MMMA3A1N1A01 Z J3108060A 

SM310 ВХОДА ШИРИНА серво мотор ASSY J9075456B 

SM310 ВХОДА SHUTTLE серво мотор ASSY J9075455A 

SAMSUNG SCM120 DC серво мотор -X J8100044A 

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  • ◆ Payment Terms

    1) Full payment before shipment — Standard terms.

    2) Other terms — To be negotiated.

    ◆ Payment Methods

    1) By T/T – Standard method.

    2) By PayPal – For small order.

    3) Other methods — To be negotiated.

    ◆ Delivery Time

    1) 3-5 working days — By international express .

    2) 3-7 working days — By air.

    3) 25-30 days — By ocean.

    ◆ Packing

    1) Small parts – Be packed by foam and carton.

    2) Big parts and machine — Be packed by foam,carton and wooden case.

    ◆ Lead Time

    1) 2-5 working days — For common parts and machines.

    2) 5 days-2 months — For customized parts, such as special nozzle.

    ◆ Transportation methods

    1) By international express – Standard method, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.

    2) By air — Can be considered when the weight is more than 20kg.

    3) By ocean — Can be considered when purchasing SMT Machine, Peripheral Equipment or a large number of SMT Parts.

    ◆ Warranty

    1) New Parts — Without warranty, 1 month, 2 months and 2 years, depending on what part it is.

    2) Used Parts — 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, depending on what part it is.

    For more answers, please refer to our FAQS.


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